National English Honor Society welcomes new officers


Sophomore Alena Johnson looks forward to leading NEHS.

Sheridan Stiles, Editor

There are a variety of honor societies offered at Clover Hill, many of which represent unique areas of academia, service hours and entertaining extracurricular activities.

An honor society is a group of students that gather to participate in activities related to a specific subject. In the National English Honor Society, sophomores Ben Schneider and Alena Johnson are co-presidents, while sophomore Ishita Patel is the vice president. 

Participating in honor societies can be entertaining, but being part of a group gives you responsibility, and there are requirements to be accepted. 

 “It is a privilege to become a part of an Honor Society because if you were accepted, you were chosen to become a part of that honorable community and represent what they stand for,” Johnson said. 

Experiences from high school are reflected later in life. There is a point to everything that you do in high school, even honor society. 

“Honor societies elevate students’ academics, leadership, and community engagement,” Patel said.

A great deal can be required of members, but the hard work pays off in the long run. Johnson agrees that the experience of being in an honor society is worth it. 

“In my opinion, joining an honor society is worth it, especially if you are passionate about what the group stands for,” Johnson said. “I enjoy being a part of the Science and English honor society because it keeps me in the loop about science activities and events that I can partake in, keeps me involved in my community, and it looks good on college applications.” 

NEHS vice president Patel feels that being a part of an honor society is worth it in the end. 

“I think it is worth it if you want to get involved or want to try out something new,” Patel said.

 Before making the decision to join an honor society, a student must look at the requirements to join. 

“Each honor society is different because it has its own list of qualifications and its own application process. Also, after you are accepted into the society, there are usually requirements you have to continue to fulfill, such as a minimum grade average or a certain amount of service hours,” Johnson said. 

An honor society can introduce many opportunities for students to participate in things that they may not have been interested in prior.

Sophomore Ishita Patel intends to aid Johnson and Schneider throughout her time as Vice President.