Christian Norrell signs off


Camerin Thrweatt

Norrell holds the spirit stick with the rest of the senior class at a pep rally.

Camerin Thrweatt, Staff Writer

Being senior class president and announcements speaker is no easy task to pull off an entire school year. It requires a lot of time management, being a good team player and having great patience. The announcements are everyday in the morning and you might not be fully awake yet. A class president has to set an example for underclassmen and fellow classmates. You are the main speaker for your grade, so you have to be a great leader and be willing to listen to other ideas. 

Christian Norrell has grown more confident in his ability to speak and lead an announcements team as the year went on, resulting in his speaking and leadership skills to improve.

“Doing the announcements everyday has been a fun experience,” said Norrell. “It helped me and gave me more confidence and leadership skills, so doing the announcements helped a lot with that.”

On top of doing the announcements everyday he was also the senior class president, and doing this has gotten him closer and more involved with the school.

“It’s gotten me more involved with the school than I’ve ever been and it’s been a good challenge but I got through it, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my teammates”, said Norrell. “It was a team effort and it was fun.” 

Also, having to leave because it is his last year is not easy for him since being class president and announcements speaker has gotten him closer to band and his other classes along with his teams.

“It’s not easy for me because this school has been my home for 4 years and I have so many friends here,” said Norrell. “The band has been like family for 3 years and leaving that behind is going to be harder than leaving classes.”