Fewer students take PSAT in the building


On Jan. 26, juniors at CHHS came to take the PSAT in new circumstances. Originally scheduled to be taken in Oct. 2020, it was canceled along with other College Board exams. This affected college-bound juniors significantly, as these tests can determine how ready students are to take the SAT, a standardized test that can determine college admission. This year, after CCPS implemented many advancements and safety measures, the students could come back to the Hill to take this prominent test.

With the relief of teachers and staff being precautious, it seems that the PSAT may have been a bit easier for students. Junior Mya Morgan had certain feelings on students going in person to take PSATs, including herself. 

“I was a little nervous at first because I haven’t stepped into the school building since March of last year,” Morgan said. “The Clover Hill administration did take as many precautions as they could have, which made me feel more comfortable.” 

Junior Melanie Garber believes SAT practice from online resources is not as reliable, so she hopes taking the PSAT will help her prepare better.

 “I want to be as prepared as possible for the SAT, and I feel that online practices are not as beneficial as taking the PSAT.” 

Several things have changed during this year’s PSAT test taking compared to previous years. For one, masks played a big role, but Clover Hill teacher Emmett Hickam also noticed a lack of students taking the test. 

“The biggest change that I noticed was so many fewer students in the building. Students were offered to sign up this year, and the reason for that is obviously the pandemic,” said Hickham. 

Though they were originally meant to be taken in October 2020, the PSATs were rescheduled for this year on January 26. Scores are set to be released for students December 7-9, 2021. With the release of scores in the distant future, students have been anxiously awaiting the return of school and proper test prep. However, with the vaccine slowly on the rise and students returning in-person, the building will soon be bustling with life again.