Fall theatre season opens with mystery, murder and laughs

Theatre on the Hill returns to the stage with three nights of Clue.


On Oct. 21, 2021 Theatre on the Hill opened to its first sold out crowd in over two years. In the murder mystery Clue, based on the popular board game, six unsuspecting characters are locked mansion and, once they begin dying one by one, are forced to find the killer.

 In their first performance of the year, cast members barely contained their excitement to be back on the Forum stage.

“What makes theater more exciting than previous years is seeing live theatre because they shut everything down and still after sporting events were opened back up, the theatre was still shut down due to the pandemic and that was sad,” Wilkerson said. “I did theater when I was a kid. It made me feel alive and having the theatre going dark was sad because it was a part of people’s lives”.

Coming together to create this play was not easy for Wilkerson or her students, but they pushed through their fears, doubts, and became family in the process. Sophomore Aurora Jarreau has made connections with the cast and become more confident in her and her classmates’ abilities.  

”You get to perform cool relationships with classmates and overcome your fear of performing in front of classmates,” Jarreau said

Wilkerson knows theater can be like a saving grace from pressure for some students, as theatre is a way to relax for most.

‘Theatre is a way for people to leave real life and for people to break out of their shell and to explore new things,” Wilkerson said. “It is a really good outlet for kids to be expressive and creative. Getting back to directing a normal show makes it more challenging than previous years as well.”

Sophomore River DeFrancesco understands how theater can affect you in many different ways such as emotionally and physically.

“You have to practice and it impacts me positively because it’s a fun thing to do,” DeFrancesco said.

Sophomore Jupiter Blanks also understands the hardships that theater may bring.

”It takes up a lot of time and you will see hard moments and you can improve your mistakes and continue to enjoy and get better at theatre.” Blanks said 

Theatre on the Hill’s production of Clue ran to three sold out crowds on Oct. 21-23. Their next production is the classic holiday tale,  A Christmas Carol, which opens Thursday, Dec. 9 and runs through Saturday, Dec. 11. More info can be found on the Theatre on the Hill Instagram page: @theateronthehill