Devious deeds committed by devious teens

It has become abundantly clear that social media platform TikTok has taken the world by storm. TikTok, a social media platform designed for short videos, has helped shed light on inspiring stories and comedic geniuses, while simultaneously yielding its fair share of controversies and lawsuits.

Lately, TikTok has influenced destructive and disruptive trends, such as the “devious lick”. Unfortunately, Clover Hill and Chesterfield county have not been immune to these trends.

Students, like junior Eric Zheng, believe the recent TikTok trends are pointless and illegal.

“They are stupid,” Zheng said. “They’re like grown ups, and they should be making a future for themselves rather than going to jail.”

Students, like junior Henry Yang, believe destructive TikTok trends are narrow-minded and ignorant.

“I found it odd,” Yang said. “They are high school students but why are they doing this if they know it may impact themselves somehow? It’s like robbing a bank and knowing you will get caught. There is no purpose.”

Whether TikTok trends are funny or annoying they still can have negative effects on Clover Hill. While some may seem harmless, others can cost the school system hundreds of dollars. Regardless of personal feelings, it is still clear that destruction of property and assault is serious material. While on social media it is vital to make sure that your virtual and physical influences in life will guide you on a good path in life.