Class officers organize community food drive


Layla Vega

Sophomores Vi Chau and Jayla Adkins keeping the CHHS food pantry organized.

In Nov., freshmen and sophomore class officials held a Holiday Community Food Distribution in order to motivate the “spirit of giving” among the Clover Hill community. The drive will conclude the week before winter break.

This is the second year Clover Hill has hosted a Holiday food drive. Past efforts by the freshmen class officers have resulted in the distribution of over 50 bags of food, which is intended to make a positive difference in the lives of students and families who do not have access to food over the break. 

Freshman Natalie Alami highlights the importance of food drives during the holiday season. 

“At school, they have free lunches and free breakfasts,” Alami said. “When you’re on break, you don’t have a good source of income to get food.”

The drive includes a variety of non-perishable food items: Capri Sun fruit drinks, rice, ramen, breakfast bars, and apple sauce are among the food products included in the drive. The meals will all be supplied to-go, with one bag per family. Additionally, basic snack items that may be supplied to students at school will be organized. The snacks will be delivered to the teachers’ rooms if a kid is in need of them. 

Donations can also be dropped off at one of the donation boxes located at the front office and attendance office to avoid excessive crowds. Any leftover food will be donated to any after school clubs and extracurriculars.

Kevin Carpenter, a Social Studies Teacher, shares his aspirations for the holiday donations as the drive’s organizer. 

“We are hoping that since it is almost the holiday season, people will be willing to help and support the drive,” Carpenter said. 

The class officers are working hard to include more students from the school. Last year only the freshmen were contacted, but this year, they have reached out to all class officers and numerous club sponsors.

They hope to collect enough food to feed everyone during spring break and possibly during summer vacation as well. Sophomore Jayla Adkins reveals the class officers’ hopes for the future of the food drive.

“We’re hoping, actually, [to do a food drive] for every major holiday,” Adkins said. “So, we’ll probably do another one around Easter.”

The food drive will be held at 700 E. Belt Blvd, Richmond at 4 p.m. and 4247 Creighton Rd, Henrico at 1 p.m. It will ensure that families in need have enough food to eat during the holidays. A valid picture ID issued by the state is necessary.