Winter spirit week adds seasonal fun and festive flair


Logan Miller

Mr. Miller’s first period Honors Economics and Personal Finance class celebrate “Holiday in Hawaii” day.

From Dec. 13 to 18, students and staff will have the opportunity to show their spirit during winter spirit week. Each day will have a different theme and the first block class with the most participation over the course of the week will win cookies on Friday, Dec. 17. 

The Student Council Association (SCA) organized the event and chose the daily themes. Monday is fuzzy pajama day, Tuesday is Holiday in Hawaii, Wednesday is festive sweater day, Thursday is jingle bell rock, and Friday is Cavalier class spirit day. On Friday, seniors will wear black, juniors will sport green, sophomores will wear yellow, and freshmen will don white.

In order to win the cookies, first block classes must establish themselves as the group with the most spirit. According to SCA sponsor Haley Ferguson, daily photos will determine which class earns the prize on Friday. 

“1st block teachers should take a photo of all of their participating students each day and upload it to a google drive folder I created,” Ferguson said.

The SCA officers consulted with faculty members to develop the themes for each day. They also met to hang up flyers and create the banner for display above the stairs. 

We worked with a group of faculty members to come up with the days,” Ferguson said. “They came up with most of the themes, and we just took them and started advertising!”

SCA president Vinata Kondragunta views winter spirit week as a fun way to spread holiday cheer.

Everyone should be excited to see their peers and faculty in their most festive holiday outfits,” Kondragunta said. “It’s a way to get in the holiday spirit. As with any spirit week, they are made to engage all the students. It’s a great way to have some more fun in school.”

Throughout the week, students and staff have shown up to school dressed for the themes. According to junior Andrew Orndorff, his costume choices on Tuesday and Wednesday dazzled the entire school. 

“I taped a picture of Hawaii to my shirt on Tuesday and then wore a red sweater on Wednesday,” said Orndorff. 

Wednesday’s holiday sweaters is Kondragunta’s favorite theme, but she is also looking forward to the competition on Friday.

“I may be a little biased but the seniors will definitely have the most spirit,” Kondragunta said.

Ferguson hopes that winter spirit week can bring fun and holiday cheer before everyone leaves for the upcoming break. As a result, she believes that plenty of students will join in on the festivities.

“Clover Hill is always known for its spirit, so I’m expecting a good turnout,” Ferguson said.