For Medford basketball, teamwork makes the dream work


Spencer Woodbury

The Cavalier Medford Basketball team open their season with a game against L.C. Bird.

Clover Hill’s Medford league basketball opened their 2022 season against L.C. Bird on Jan. 13. 

According to senior Cody Bruington, the team fought hard against L.C. Bird. and he feels confident in his play.

“I was playing like Superman,” Bruington said. 

Freshman Ashley Maino also feels proud of her play in the game. She got to shoot the ball several times and considers making a basket to be her favorite moment of the game. 

“Yes [it was the best moment],” Maino said.

Coach Cindy Gay considers the game to be a success, especially against a strong opponent like L.C. Bird. Though they lost, Gay views it as a learning experience for a young and inexperienced team. 

“Our team played really well,” Gay said. “A lot of them have played together before because they’re freshmen, so it was really good just getting our feet wet [and learning] how to play as a team. Bird is really, really good. But overall I think it was really good to sort of brush off the cobwebs of playing together as a team. Everyone had so much fun and that’s really all we’re going for anyway.”

Senior Claire Burton enjoyed the competition and is confident that the team has plenty of room for improvement in the future. She also appreciates the positivity of Bird’s players.

“I think it was really good,” Burton said. “And [L.C. Bird] was really nice. They had really good sportsmanship.”

Senior Lucy Lucichiavaroli agrees that the friendliness between the two teams made the game more fun for both sides and ensured that each player got a chance to contribute. 

“[L.C. Bird] let me shoot a basket,” Lucichiavaroli said. 

According to Gay, the team is now focused on practicing for their next game against Powhatan High School on Thursday, Jan 27 in the hopes of winning.

“They’re not as NBA-like as Bird so we have a better shot, but they’re still pretty good,” Gay said. “We know a few of the staff, so it’s a lot friendlier of a game since we just know a few of them. So it’s always just a really good time. We’re actually making signs for them we want to hang up that say ‘Welcome Powhatan’ and stuff so it’s sort of like a friendly game.

However, Bruington emphasizes that the players will still try their hardest to win the game against Powhatan. In fact, he believes that they will come out on top.

“Oh yes [we’re going to win],” Bruington said. 

Though the COVID-19 pandemic limits the environment, students who have gym during the game are still able to cheer on the team. Gay hopes that in the future the band and the Cavalettes will be able to return to support the players. However, she appreciates the enthusiasm of the crowd at the game against L.C. Bird.

“We usually have the pep band, the Cavalettes and all that stuff, so it was really good because there were students there from gym being loud which was great, but I can’t wait until we get back to having the bands there because it makes it feel like a college game,” Gay said.