New Dimensions and Iridescence begin 2022 competition season


Whitney Cardwell

Mixed show choir New Dimensions premiers their 2022 show, “We Hold These Truths”.

On Jan. 28-30, Clover Hill’s show choirs performed a public preview of their performances for this year’s competition season. New Dimensions’ theme is “We Hold These Truths” and Iridescence’s theme is “Evil Queen.” 

With these performances, which have been in the works since August 2021, the show choir hopes to bring a new style of dance and singing to life and to the Clover Hill stage.

While the Covid-19 pandemic forced the program to pause in the spring of 2020, choir director Rachel Snyder believes that her group will not miss a beat.

 “They sound just as strong, and look just as fierce because they have been working hard through virtual school,” Snyder said. 

Now that they’ve completed their official annual reveal, the show choirs will be jumping into their competition in a month. While this is her first time being a part of the show choir Nefertiti Hernandez is excited to be a part of the show but nervous since it was her first performance. 

“I’m really excited but also really nervous,” Hernandez said.

According to Hernandez, being a member of the show choir requires much dedication and endurance. To keep up with all the different songs and dances, the performing Cavaliers need to follow specific time and practice requirements.

“A challenge with show choir is probably being consistent with practicing because if not it is visible that you’re not up to speed with the rest,” Hernandez said. 

While show choir is a big-time commitment, sophomore Joshua Evan enjoys the friendships that he’s made and the opportunity to dance and sing. It is his second year in the show choir but this will be his first show reveal performance. 

“I’m really excited since this is the first reveal I’ve ever done but I’m excited to see who is going to come and watch us,” Evans said.

Evan believes the group’s hard work will pay off in their upcoming competition season.

“We work hard and with that comes a lot of practice. Each practice is usually two hours, splitting in half between practicing in groups and practicing our full performance,” Evans said.

Show choirs have taken on their Show Reveal and it is now for them to head into competitions. Their next competition, named Mass, is scheduled for Feb. 19 at Clover Hill High School.