Cavalier pride blossoms throughout spring spirit week


Sarah Craft

Members of the class of 2023 rocked the Cavalier crowd at the pep rally.

In the days leading up to spring break, Clover Hill put together another spirit week to help get the students and faculty excited for the last weeks of the school year. The week had a new outfit theme every day: Mon. was pajama day, Tues. was character day, Wed. was monochromatic day, Thurs. was fun in the sun, and Fri. was class colors. At the end of the week, the entire school gathered at the football field for an end-of-the-year pep rally, which was filled with dance battles and cheering students.

SCA treasurer Meeno Hosn helped plan the spirit week with the other SCA members and faculty to celebrate students around the school.

“We decided to hold another spirit week and pep rally to recognize our winter and spring sport athletes,” Hosn said.

When choosing the themes for the spirit week, the SCA wanted to keep a few traditional themes, while also considering other options to separate this experience from past spirit weeks. 

“I think we ended up with eight total themes, obviously including the staples such as pajama day and class colors day,” Hosn said.

Out of all of the themes, pajamas day won the most participation and student enthusiasm. However, the most unusual day in the spirit week was during fun in the sun day, when the school went under a tornado warning during fourth block. To learn more about this out-of-the-ordinary day, read this article.

On the last day of spirit week, students wore their class colors and t-shirts and all gathered outside at the football field for an end-of-the-year pep rally. During the celebration, all winter and spring sports teams were given recognition and several competitions were held between the classes, including a dance battle and a spirit contest for the spirit stick. The junior class was able to win both the dance battle and spirit stick, showing their spirit with blow horns, baby powder and shouting.

Junior Jaden Kline believes this victory in the pep rally demonstrates the unity of his class.

“The crowd involvement and energy from everyone who participated only further shows how close we are as a group and how bought in everyone was to winning,” Kline said.

Freshman Aaliyah Williams says that of all the spirit weeks this year, spring spirit week was the best.

“The days were very simple and easy to do, and pretty fun,” Williams said.

This was also the final spirit week for the class of 2022. Senior Samantha Hairston is sad to leave behind the pep rallies. 

“I will miss the pep rallies because that is when the whole school comes together as one,” Hairston said. 

While this year’s spirit weeks have come to a close, the students are excited for the future events to come. Kline believes that the junior class will maintain their status as being the most school-spirited.

“It’s our last ride so I think it’ll only call for more screaming, baby powder, blow horns, and energy from everyone in the class so I don’t think the other classes will really have a chance at challenging us next year either.”



Sarah Craft