Paths of Clover carries reader through “Fantasy Worlds”

Paths of Clover is Clover Hill’s award winning literary magazine. The student-run publication is pieced together throughout the year in the Creative Writing class, taught by English teacher Dan Waidelich, and is released in late spring. Every year a theme is voted on by the students. This year the theme is Fantasy Worlds.

Generally,  students can participate in the creation of the magazine either by submitting writing and/or artwork during the fall before it’s published or by being part of the production of the magazine by joining the Creative Writing elective.  

Students in the Creative Writing elective work in one of three different production areas to contribute to the magazine: submission review, layout and design or copyediting. 

Sophomore Nicholas Thortnton shares some insight into the role of a copyeditor.

“With copyediting, we make sure there’s no flaws or errors within [individuals’] selected writings for the magazine; we scan and read multiple people’s writing, proofread, outline and mark things that need to be fixed, basically making sure the paper is in top shape,” Thornton said.

The submission review position involves looking over the writing and art submitted by students and preparing it for the magazine. Content reviewed in submission will then be selected to be featured in the magazine.

Students taking on the position of layout and design are tasked with formatting the images and text in the actual magazine to look presentable. Students designing the layout use a program called Lucidpress to organize and sort all the content. 

New to this year’s magazine, regardless of what area students work in, students in Creative Writing will be showing appreciation for first responders and nurses by writing names of any doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters and anyone else who helped keep things running during the pitfalls of COVID-19.

Finally, a message from Mr. Waidelich: “If you want to be involved in the behind the scenes work, join the class. If you’re a writer or an artist, look for our call for submissions in the fall!

The magazine will be published on May 23rd, so keep a lookout for this year’s special edition as well!