Nemo Kim faces the music



Photo of Stringularity during the last day of school for seniors.

Spencer Woodbury, Editor-in-Chief

Nemo Kim is a senior at Clover Hill High School who began playing the cello at a young age. Kim has since joined school orchestra programs, attended Senior Regional Orchestra and created his own orchestra ensemble, Stringularity.

While reflecting on his moments at Clover Hill, Kim felt great pride for his recognition of success and accomplishments at the Hill.

“The applause after my cello solos, when we got first place in string ensemble, and my teammates after a good tennis match,” Kim said. “Even the applause after an academic presentation. They all meant a lot to me.”

Kim also deeply admires his time spent in each orchestra program, and the friends he made while on his artistic journey.

“Most of the orchestra and Stringularity are close friends of mine,” Kim said. “So, it is only natural for me to cherish the fun moments of working on our music pieces and performing together, while continuing our passion for music.”

Kim is also hopeful and optimistic on his upcoming college and employment years.

“I look forward to the fresh college lifestyle at UVA, as well as the new academic, musical, and athletic competition,” Kim said. “After college I see myself equipped with years of engineering knowledge, [and] leading a team to make a meaningful impact on the world.”

As we conclude this peculiar year of COVID-19 restrictions, social distancing and masking, many students end this school year never wanting to look back. But through self reflection, students, such as Nemo Kim, have learned to live in the moment and to embrace every opportunity.

“Say yes to every opportunity given to you until your plate is almost full,” Kim said. “Skillful people say yes to every opportunity given to them, because skill does not come from birth, but from starting anew and sticking to it.”


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