Samantha Hairston finds success through turbulent times


Member of the Clover Hill show choir, future Old Dominion student and CEO of Covered Smiles, Samantha Hairston, is reaching new heights this year with graduation. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, she began finding ways to supply masks to first responders and the community. 

“Masks were very limited back then and my mom and I wanted to provide some masks for first responders since no one could get their hands on any. On social media, we saw that Joann’s Fabrics was giving away free mask kits to make, so my mom and I picked up some kits and started making masks for first responders. All together we donated about a thousand masks,” Hairston said. 

On social media, Hairston started to draw attention bringing in more customers. 

“The masks looked so simple at first but we started to research more mask ideas and we had a bunch of different patterns for the masks.” 

Hairston attempted to start working and searching for jobs but had difficulty due to the pandemic. 

“During the summer I wanted to work to earn some money, so I asked my parents if I could get a job and they weren’t comfortable with it since the virus was still spreading like wild fires. So I took it upon myself to make more masks! I started embroidering masks and putting applications of designs on the masks. It was very effective for a while, then people weren’t as interested in masks, so I started making protective silk bonnets for hair!” Hairston has since built her amazing small business despite frequent challenges. 

Hairston had positive things to say about her time on the Hill 

“My experience at Clover Hill was pretty good!” Hairston said. “I got really good grades because of the teachers at Clover Hill! Most of the teachers at Clover Hill want to help you reach your highest potential!” 

Hairston also mentioned some things she’d miss after graduating. 

“I loved the pep rallies at Clover Hill and the football games were really fun! I’ll miss Show Choir at Clover Hill the most because they were like family to me.” 

Looking back on her experience at Clover Hill Hairston expressed much gratitude toward her teachers and peers, including performing arts teacher Rachel Snyder.

“All of my three years in high school I was in Show Choir at Clover Hill and it was the best experience in my high school career and I would like to thank Mrs. Snyder for that because she did everything she could to give us the best experience, I made lots of friends and lots of memories and I’m so glad that she fought so hard to make sure that we were able to compete this year! I am extremely grateful for her and all that she has done and I will miss her so much!”

Hairston will be attending Old Dominion University this fall. 

“I will be majoring in either Political Science or Cyber Security. If I major in Political Science my hopes are to become a lawyer and If I were to major in Cyber Security I would like to become a technical analyst!”