Olivia Quintero is designing her future

Olivia Quintero is designing her future

The astonishing senior Olivia Quintero is about to challenge herself as she moves on to the University of Virginia (UVA) , where she will focus her studies on architecture. While she was accepted into other schools such as Virginia Tech, Pratt Institute, and VCU, she decided to move forward on the path of UVA. For Quintero, she enjoyed the ‘big school’ environment, wanted to stay close to home, and be a part of their acclaimed architecture program.

Quintero has spent all four years attending Clover Hill and has had the experience of getting to know a variety of people. She states that she has learned a lot from her teachers and peers and that the school has been an informational platform for her. 

“It was informational and I feel like it prepared me for my future,” Quintero stated. 

However, no school year comes without its challenges and for Quintero this case remained. Quintero’s biggest challenge in high school was her freshman year. She felt it was a hard adjustment for her coming from eighth grade, especially since she is in the Math and Science program here at Clover Hill.

Also, school was out for almost two years because of Covid-19. In Quintero’s junior year, she developed the idea to create her own magazine.  She found her way on TikTok and discovered someone creating their own magazine and thought the idea was cool. In the beginning, she wanted to hold off on the idea of creating a magazine because she felt it was a lot of extra work; however, she decided to just do it. In the future, she hopes to expand her magazine while in college. 

“If I continue my magazine throughout college I would plan to get new people on the team that attend my college and try to make it more university-focused.” Quintero explained. 

Quintero uses her magazine as a way to express her creative nature and help uplift the voice of other artists. Her magazine contains arts, writing, photography, and interviews. Though there is no profit coming from her magazine, she continues to expand it because of her love for the arts, and working with other artists. 

Quintero’s goals for college and beyond areto pursue the major of being a licensed architect. She wants to either be involved in landscape architecture or urban planning for her future career.