Saying goodbye to Chronicle editors Gogineni and Dobbins


Layla Vega

After three years on the Chronicle staff, Editors Ayathi and Ethan sign off.

Layla Vega, Staff Writer

After four years of high school, almost every senior departs Clover Hill with many treasured Hill traditions and memories to pass along with others in years to come. Graduating seniors will leave the school with a plethora of deeply meaningful and personal memories, whether they be from a favorite moment, activity or occasion. The 2022 senior class took time to share their cherished high school memories. 

As the school year comes to a close, senior Ayathi Gogineni reflects on her time as a Co-Editor-In-Chief of the Cavalier Chronicle.  

“I would say the highlight was transitioning from a paper version of the newspaper to an online version,” Gogineni said. “I thought that was really cool because we were able to do podcasts and publish articles whenever we wanted.” 

As graduation approaches, many seniors eagerly anticipate the moment when they will finally go up on stage and accept their diploma in front of their loved ones, signifying the end of their high school education and the beginning of the next stage of their lives. Now, Gogineni expresses her feelings moving forward. 

“I’m going to the University of Virginia and majoring in biochemistry,” Gogineni said. “I’m looking forward to, in a way, starting fresh, making new friends, and the independence that comes with going to college.” 

High school is about more than just academics; it also teaches students crucial life skills that they can use in the future. 

“Definitely speaking and communication skills,” Gogineni said. “I remember starting off high school being a really shy kid. Especially freshman year, I did show choir, which helped me open up a little bit. But once I came into journalism in my sophomore year, it just helped me communicate with others better and also felt like I was able to put my ideas down on a piece of paper in a more productive manner through writing articles.” 

Another Co-Editor-In-Chief of the Cavalier Chronicle was senior Ethan Dobbins. The transition from printed journalism to online news appears to be Dobbins’ most memorable moment working on the Cavalier Chronicle. 

“I can say that the highlight for journalism has to be hands down the transition period from paper to a website,” Dobbins said. “During that time, we obviously couldn’t publish any paper articles, so we had to get creative and find our own ways of getting news out. That was when we got the website, and that was probably the best decision we ever made because it’s just more convenient. You get to post whenever, and you don’t have to wait for them to print the articles on paper.”

With lots to look forward to, Dobbins discusses what he’s anticipating in his upcoming college life. 

“I’m going to Longwood University, and I think the big thing I’m looking forward to is that, because it’s a smaller college, you get to know your teachers and your peers a little better,” Dobbins said. “I’m just excited to meet new people and get in touch with my teachers a little more.”

As the graduating class continues to reflect on their experiences, Dobbins outlines what he has gained from journalism. 

“Writing for sure. I’m a better writer than I was two or three years ago,” Dobbins said. “Writing was never my strong suit. Over the years, I’ve been writing all these articles, having them edited and learning from those mistakes. I got better at it, and I also think working as a team was really important, communicating with your other editor-in-chiefs and the people you edit for.”  

As the class of 2022 moves forward in their lives, they carry with them the skills and memories that have molded them into the people they are today. Graduation has already passed, as is the start of a slew of new adventures.