‘Top Gun: Maverick’ soars back onto the big screen


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Top Gun returned to movie screens this summer with Top Gun: Maverick

During the year 2010, fans of the beloved ’80s classic, “Top Gun”, were ecstatic when Paramount Pictures announced a sequel. The sequel’s film title is “Top Gun: Maverick” and it is the newest “Top Gun” film since 1986.

“Top Gun: Maverick” follows Navy Captain Maverick during his time teaching the current Top Gun recruits (the best Navy pilots). While teaching the recruits, Maverick receives intel that the Navy has been tasked with destroying a suspicious uranium plant that is heavily guarded with fighter jets, missiles and GPS jammers. After receiving the intel, the Navy tasks Maverick to teach and prepare the current Top Gun recruits to destroy the uranium plant.

Although “Top Gun: Maverick” has smoothly soared in the box office, it still crashes in many aspects. For instance, the spirit of the ’80s roars excruciatingly throughout “Top Gun: Maverick”. The amount of nostalgia throughout the film is so painful that I felt like I was strapped to my seat and being force fed ’80s references. Every single time I heard the iconic guitar riffs I wanted to crawl under my seat and cover my ears, but unfortunately, I could not because my body and hands were strapped to my seat. In addition, the soap opera drama was unnecessary and cringy. The number of times I had to watch some meat headed pilots slap and hit each other over daddy issues was far too many. If Paramount Pictures ever decides to make a third “Top Gun” movie then it should be premised around group therapy and self love.

Despite the cringe-inducing ’80s references and drama, “Top Gun: Maverick” was an overall fun film. Being able to watch a film that was realistic and visually pleasing was comforting and chilling. The lack of CGI usage was delightful due to Hollywood’s over usage of it (*cough* Marvel). Also, Maverick is more Maverick than ever by being more smart, cocky and loveable. “Top Gun: Maverick” is a flawed but fun blockbuster that is sure to please old and new fans with realistic, pulse pounding action sequences. ★★★☆☆