Seniors dominate Powder Puff game in convincing win over juniors


Ben Schneider

The seniors run a pass play against the juniors’ defense in the fourth quarter.

Ben Schneider, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday Oct. 7, the junior and senior classes met in the annual powder puff game during second block. The seniors came out on top with a blowout 22-0 win. 

From the beginning, the seniors dominated the juniors while their classmates cheered them on in the stands, adorned in togas. They scored three touchdowns and played stifling defense that forced several turnovers and prevented the juniors from moving the ball on offense. Ollie Burnam scored two of the seniors’ touchdowns and Reaghan Powell had the other. 

Burnam is pleased the seniors were able to win the game and avenge their loss from the prior year. The 2021 game, in which she also scored, ended tied at six, but the senior class of 2022 got the win after the school awarded them an extra point. 

“Winning this year was great because we dominated the whole time and then we won the spirit stick, so it was even better,” Burnam said. 

Junior Nevaeh Wiley believes that the juniors learned from this year’s game and will be able to win next year as seniors. 

“[The game] was fun but frustrating,” Wiley said.“Having the team I had was honestly really good and I think we all worked together. [We] just need to understand the game more and I think we will win next year.” 

In the days before the game, the players held practices after school to practice their skills and prepare plays. According to Burnam, the seniors used the practices to design plays on offense and figure out how to confuse the juniors and defense. She feels that the sessions contributed to their win on homecoming Friday. 

“I think it helped a lot,” Burnam said. “The second practice was a big one for us … [We worked on] everything overall.

The bleachers were full of juniors and seniors who bought tickets to see the game, as well as the stand band for each class. 

The game also featured cheerleaders for both classes who stood on the track pumping up their teams and the fans. Senior Sammy Lyall enjoyed the experience of connecting with the crowd.

“[It was] so fun, because usually the roles are reversed [with female cheerleaders and male players], and it was very interesting to see what we were actually capable of from just six hours of practice,” Lyall said. “I think we all surprised ourselves out there.” 

Finally, this year’s powder puff game marked the return of Cav Man; the school mascot appeared for the first time in five years to further excite the students watching from the bleachers.