Pro: “The Lake” improves Midlothian’s future


Andy Brown

The Lake will be on Genito Road, which is right next to Clover Hill.

After years of planning, waiting and construction, a new mixed-use development is coming to Midlothian. The 300-million-dollar project, located across from Clover Hill on Genito Rd., known as “The Lake” is coming in phases with the first projected to finish at the end of 2023.

The multi-use facility will provide more jobs, housing, working environments and good times. The new housing will be a collection of townhouses and apartments, opening up housing opportunities for those with a variety of budgets. 

The 105-acre development within the Lake will feature shopping centers, breweries, wineries, hotels, restaurants and an amphitheater. The new restaurants introduce a more diverse food environment. This will open up the opportunity for more events, live concerts and festivals closer to home. All these new buildings and shops will open up new jobs and career opportunities. 

After the commercial buildings are finished, a six-acre surf park, 13-acre lake and 100,000 square feet of office space are to be added. The office space will be open for all companies to hold meetings and offer a new location for employees. The surf park will be home to new state of the art “wave technology”. The facility will have something for everyone with fun water games for the kids to partake in while the parents shop and visit the breweries. 

The hotels, shopping, events and water fun will attract more tourism and money to Chesterfield, opening up avenues for bigger and better events to come to the county. For anyone concerned about the traffic, Chesterfield will build up to handle the increase. With the green light for the water park, more and more votes are coming in to expand Genito and Watermill for the future. 

While some are scared of how “The Lake” will affect the neighborhood, the new facility will ultimately bring a better future to Midlothian.


Genito water park development promises changes, opportunities for community