Battle of Christmas classics, ‘Home Alone’

Both “Home Alone” and “Home Alone: Lost in New York” are both great holiday movies of the 90s. With that being said, only one of these Christmas classics really captures the Christmas spirit.


“Home Alone”

Starring one of the most successful child actors of the 90s, Macaulay Culkin, “Home Alone” grossed $476 million worldwide. The movie centers around eight year old Kevin McCallister, a young troublemaker, who is always the laughing stock amongst the McCallister children. The McCallister family is planning a vacation to Paris and has to rush to make it to the airport on time, but Kevin accidentally gets left behind. While stuck at home, Marv and Harry, a pair of burglars, attempt to rob the house. Unknowingly to the burglars, Kevin has rigged the entire house with all kinds of traps. Eventually, the cops came to arrest Marv and Harry while the rest of the McCallister family return the following morning. 

“Home Alone” is not a relatable film because seeing a child left behind while the rest of the family leaves the country never really happens. This is nothing against the movie because viewers want to burst out with laughter on Christmas Eve.

 “Home Alone” is not all jokes and laughs though. At the beginning of the film, there is some tension between Kevin, the older siblings and even the parents. This tension eventually heals and concludes in the sequel, but this is an amazing start to a popular duology. “Home Alone” is a great example of how to make a funny and enjoyable Christmas movie.


“Home Alone: Lost in New York”

Two years later, on Nov 15, 1992, “Home Alone: Lost In New York” was released. Although it grossed less than its predecessor, sitting at $359 million, the story feels more believable and fleshed out. Kevin is lost again, but this time in New York City. One year after “Home Alone”, the McCallister family is now headed to Miami, Florida for Christmas. Again finding themselves late, the family rushes to get on the plane in time. Kevin, needing to put his new batteries in his camera, ends up on the wrong plane after following a man wearing the same coat as his father. Eventually, Marv and Harry escape from prison, and plot to rob a toy shop only to be again stopped by Kevin’s house traps. 

My personal favorite moment in the movie is when Kevin pretends to be in the shower. While in the shower, Kevin plays an old film with the television volume at max. The television plays “merry Christmas, ya filthy animal” all to get the housekeeper to leave. 

I also love that Kevin’s mother asks the cop what he would do if he lost his child in a big city. This really shows how much she cares about her son. This is a big upgrade from “Home Alone” and in a way that gets you emotionally invested into the relationship between Kevin and the rest of Mccallister family. I can not begin to imagine what would be going through the mind of a mother who just lost her child in a big city, so when they finally reunite it reminds viewers to treasure your family.


In conclusion, “Home Alone” is funny and shows just how creative people can be with home defense; whereas “Home Alone: Lost in New York” is emotional and funny. The original is good, but the squeal trumps it any day.