Girls’ basketball team’s youth infusion


Nia Evans

The girl’s basketball team consists of 13 players (seven freshmen) this season.

Jamya Morgan and Vanessa Wigfall

As the girls basketball team begins their season, roughly half of the players are freshmen. Out of the 13 players, seven are freshmen: Deja Raines, Prisha Gupta, Janiyah Pollard, Nia Evans, Josie Borbōn, Brooke Elam and Abbie Frias. 

Pollard, one of the freshmen starters, finds it to be stressful. She is playing with and against upperclassmen with more experience than her. 

“It was very stressful, because you have high expectations of yourself, because I am a ninth grader starting on varsity,” Pollard said. 

However, she began to gain confidence as she started to play because she realized that she is not overmatched.

“I got upset at first but then I felt good knowing I can play against seniors and actually score points,” Pollard said. 

Borbōn has years of experience playing the sport even though they are new to the high school team. 

“I’ve been playing for seven years, and it’s one of my favorite hobbies,” said Borbōn. “I was surprised and excited that I made varsity.” 

The freshmen believe that they were able to make the team due to their skill, technique and determination despite their youth.