National Art Honors Society brings winter cheer to The Hill


Ian Hooks

National Art Honors Society portrays holiday characters on windows and doors.

Thomas Jackson, Editor

The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) at Clover Hill painted winter images and symbols on doors and windows around the school this past week. 

The NAHS went around the halls of Clover Hill with chalk paint and adorned the doors and windows with snowflakes, popular winter characters and holiday cheer. 

According to senior officer Maggie Matzen, the NAHS made the choice to paint the doors instead of doing other projects with safety in mind. 

“Last year we did the snow flakes and there were some issues with how flame retardant that was, but we still wanted to show holiday cheer in the halls that was quick cleanup, and safe for everyone,” Matzen said. 

Matzen and the other officers gave the teachers a choice about the images portrayed in the art.

“We sent out a questionnaire to teachers to sign up for what they wanted on their door,” Matzen said. “It’s really nice to see what different teachers like and want on their doors in the hallways.”

Encompassing the holiday spirit of bringing everyone together, Matzen was proud of the unity that the group displayed throughout the project. 

“It’s really great for student engagement and bringing the community together,” Matzen said. “We had not only NAHS students, but honors art students. It was a great opportunity for students to meet teachers [that] they will have in the future.”

Senior officer Jonas Clark also believes that the project brought unity.

 “It was just nice to help out teachers and bring everyone into the holiday spirit and bring everyone together to create a festive environment,” Clark said.

As the leader of the organization, NAHS president Quyen Nguyen led the project. 

“As the president, I love organizing and leading these projects,” Nguyen said. “I think it is so cool to be able to show how creative and bring art around the school, since our art department is so strong.”

The NAHS invites anyone looking for a space to show off their creative abilities while learning and growing as an artist to join the honor society.