Real world and STEM projects shine in Deeper Learning EXPO


Ben Schneider

Students in Mr. Miller’s history classes made a magazine cover for the person from the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment that they felt had the greatest impact on humanity. Shown here is Isaac Newton on the cover of Time Magazine.

Last week, the school showcased student work in the library as part of the Deeper Learning Expo. The goal of the expo was to present student projects and promote the expansion of deeper learning projects by providing ideas to teachers and students.

The projects in the expo are examples of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and more. They are projects that go beyond the typical work that students do in a classroom by including more interaction with the content through creating a product. For example, chemistry students built their own pipette holders and government students created their own political parties and staged an election.

The expo was meant to provide teachers with ideas to integrate similar projects into their own classes, and to increase student interest in deeper learning. There was a reflection form for students to fill out after visiting the expo, and it allowed them to report their thoughts on the projects and suggest similar work that they are interested in doing in their own classes.