New knitting club unwinds on The Hill


Levi Xayachack

Vanessa Wigfall preparing a beanie for the next Green Stockings Club meeting.

For the first time at The Hill, the Green Stockings Sewing and Needlework Club is here to bring students together through fun after-school activities. The club is teaching students about knitting and crocheting while setting a positive environment for students to socialize.

The Green Stockings had their first official meeting on Feb. 27, 2023 and has their next one on March 23, 2023. The goal of the club is to teach students how to sew and knit, which can be a beneficial hobby in the future.
Janet Shepherd, a teacher at The Hill who sponsors the club, thinks it is surprising how many students were willing to join.

“I put out the email and everybody wanted to show up and I was like ‘oh, I didn’t realize we had that many people who did this,’” Shepherd said.

Along with getting students together to socialize, it teaches a valuable skill which can save money and allow them more creative liberty in the future. 

Shepherd believes that knitting is an essential skill to learn.

“It’s a beneficial hobby. It saves people money because then you don’t have to go buy new clothes,” Shepherd said. “It’s something where you can make stuff to give people, [and] you can fix and repair things. It’s a skill where if you learn it, it pays off in a lot of different ends.”

Junior Vanessa Wigfall has ambitious plans for the future using the skills she learns from the club.

“I wanted to find some ways of helping the homeless out because [Mrs. Shepherd] and I had talked prior about doing something like that,” Wigfall said. “[I wanted to] make personal clothing for myself-which is the main reason why I started crocheting.”

Shepherd is excited about the future of the club and getting students involved in the teaching side of knitting.

“One of the things I’m looking forward to next [meeting] is we’re going to have the students actually teach everybody how to knit and crochet,” Shepherd said. “What I’m trying to do is get it [to be] more of a student-led organization where we have the students do the demonstrations.”