Fine arts festival promotes student acheivement and creativity


Mischa Olivier

Thomas Dale High School hosted the 2023 CCPS Fine Arts Festival.

Mischa Olivier, Staff Writer

On Saturday, March 25, Thomas Dale High School successfully hosted Chesterfield County’s annual Fine Arts Festival. The purpose of the festival is for each of the 62 local middle and high schools to share the county’s artistic and creative ability and skill. 

The Fine Arts Festival is a celebration of art that encourages students to view the displays of their peers’ work. This event allows the opportunity for students to share their talent with the community, as well as gain inspiration and motivation. The showcase presents entertainment that is educational to people of all ages. 

Thomas Dale’s National Art Honors Society (NAHS) was responsible for greeting visitors at the door with complimentary chocolate and directing people into the right direction.

The cafeteria and gym areas were sectioned off and organized by schools; each school having their own displays set up. The stage in the cafeteria was used to present the performing arts of the contributing schools. 

Clover Hill’s display highlighted pieces from various creative students. These include senior Cherish Bland’s Scholastic Award winning photos displayed and junior Avery Tingen’s drawings. Tingen’s artwork included many sketches and crafty paintings that illustrated a self portrait in her vanity mirror. Bland’s photos featured senior Bryce Hicks capturing the aspect of beauty. 

Midlothian High School showcased artwork that was not seen in the halls of Clover Hill. While there was a lot of photography, painting and sketches in Clover Hill’s displays, Midlothian presented graphite illustrations and felt crafts, which were at the foreground of the display.

Cosby High School’s showcase consisted mostly of handmade three dimensional art and sculptures rather than the more common two dimensional pieces seen at the festival. 

Thomas Dale High School presented variations of handmade ceramics, including cookie jars, vases and even a little bear at their stands. 

The Chesterfield County Fine Arts Festival hosted an abundance of artists and their artworks. Because much of the art in the county goes unnoticed, the Fine Arts Festival was an opportunity to showcase a majority of talented students’ art in the Chesterfield County Public School system.