A love letter to fans: ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’


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Original North American poster of “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” produced in 2023.

During the year 2018, fans of the critically acclaimed video game series, Mario, shouted “wahoo” when Nintendo announced a film starring everyone’s favorite Italian plumber. After the September 2022 Nintendo Direct, many fans were concerned about the film when the voice acting cast was announced. The film’s title is “The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” and it is the first animated Nintendo film with more scheduled to release.

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” follows Mario during his journey through the Mushroom Kingdom. After arriving through a green warp pipe, Mario meets his mentor, Toad, who guides him to the castle. While at the castle, Mario is brought to Princess Peach, who instructs him about Bowser’s ongoing attacks on the kingdom and their plan to stop it. Mario decides to help out the Mushroom Kingdom, but during their initial attack Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser, who desires to marry Peach.

Although “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” has received numerous negative reviews, it successfully jumps onto my list of favorite films. The countless references to the Mario franchise were satisfying. I was initially worried that they would feel forced in order to bank on nostalgia (*cough* “Top Gun: Maverick”), but they were so subtle that it felt like a prize to discover them.

In addition, the voice acting genuinely surprised me. When Nintendo originally announced the cast, I was skeptical on how Chris Pratt would be able to portray Mario. I quickly began to mock Nintendo for choosing Chris Pratt of all people. I would love to go on the record and publicly apologize for doubting Chris Pratt, because as I watched the film I truly felt like I was being led on this journey by the fat, short Italian man, Mario. Despite Chris Patt giving an exceptional performance, Jack Black’s Bowser stole the stage. Jack Black perfectly balanced playing a menacing and goofy character. Also, his vocals shined through his masterful song, “Peaches.”

Despite my appreciation for all time great films, such as “Citizen Kane,” “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is far more entertaining to watch due to excellent pacing and stellar voice acting. It is a film that is sure to please both Mario and film fans alike. ★★★★★