Show Choir wraps up competitive season with performance at Diamond Classic


Sierra Coote

New Dimensions performs the ice portion of their “fire and ice” show.

  On Friday, March 24, the show choir made their appearance at Powhatan High School for their last performance at the Diamond Classic.

The group began preparing their show at the start of the school year and have grown into a unit during that time. They have prepared for their performances all year, and this was the final one. 

Junior Nicholas Thornton believes that although this years’ group was smaller than in previous years, their energy was still large and in charge. 

“We really killed our last performance,” Thornton said. “Usually the show choir has 40-50 people, but we only had 23 this year.” 

Sophomore Everett Alieo feels even though they had a new director this year they still had a great year of performing despite the adjustment. 

“It was very fun,” Alieo said. “It was a new experience with a new director but very enjoyable.”

Alieo feels that they put a lot of effort into their last performance to leave on a high note. 

 “We put a lot of time and effort into this season, and I see us getting better,” Alieo said. “It was very rewarding to perform and show what we did.”

The show choir means a lot to Junior Sierra Coote, and she enjoys learning new choreography to their new song choices.

“Competition season is my favorite season,” Coote said. “It is my favorite part of the year. I love learning choreography as well, it’s when we actually get to show out.”

Individuals from the show choir give similar feedback about their last performance. Coote and Alieo feel as if this group have become a family by doing something they all love and enjoy. It gives them the opportunity to show what they have worked so hard on.

Thornton believes the same as Coote and Alieo. Despite this year’s group being smaller than usual, and having a changeup in a director, they still pulled through and gave it their all.

“Show choir is a great experience,” Thornton said. “It teaches you how to build a family.”