Touring ‘Hamilton’ shines at Altria Theater


Broadway in Richmond’s Hamilton ran from April 11 – 23 at Richmond’s Altria Theater.

In 2015, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical “Hamilton” premiered in New York City, and has become a cultural phenomenon ever since. The musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States, and his journey from an impoverished immigrant to becoming George Washington’s right-hand man.

“Hamilton” is currently touring the United States and was in Richmond from April 11-23.

The musical was performed at the Altria Theater. Pierre Jean Gonzales portrayed Alexander Hamilton. Other members of the cast were Jared Dixon, who played Aaron Burr, Warren Egypt Franklin, who played Laffayette/Thomas Jefferson and Ta’rea Campbell, who played Angelica Schuyler. 

What makes “Hamilton” unique is its use of a diverse cast and wide range of music, like its fusion of hip-hop, R&B and traditional theater music styles. The diversity of the cast and its historical figures adds another meaning to the show. Through this, the show emphasizes the message that anyone, not just Hamilton, can succeed in America.  

The musical has an incredible set. Actors stand out from everybody else by using rotating platforms on the stage. The choreography also stands out from other musicals. Everyone on stage is actively doing something at all times, even in the background. During the song “My Shot,” the ensemble and characters who the focus is not on are having conversations in the back, giving the play a more realistic style.  The sets were amazing to see live, along with the choreography. “Hamilton” was released on Disney Plus on July 3, 2020; however, the live show goes much more in depth than what is on Disney Plus. Viewers are able to appreciate what goes on behind the scenes while watching live, something they are unable to do when watching on Disney Plus. Miranda used Hamilton’s accomplishments and flaws to add a large emotional depth to the play. The show touches on themes of love, loss, betrayal and sacrifice. Miranda used songs on all different emotional levels, from joy to sadness, which is another reason for the show’s popularity. 

”Hamilton” also emphasizes the role of women in history. Eliza Hamilton, Alexander’s wife, is highlighted with her determination and resilience, even in times of adversity. Angelica Schuyler is also shown as selfless and someone who fought for women’s rights. This representation is super inspiring to see, since they have large roles and not just supporting ones. 

“Hamilton” was one of the six shows on the 2022-2023 Broadway in Richmond. The Altria Theater will host Disney’s “Frozen,” “Six,” “Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “Annie,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Tina — The Tina Turner Musical” and “Beetlejuice” during the 2023-2024 season.