Clover Hill evacuated due to strange odor


Chris Ruiz-Torres

Students gathered in their designated evacuation zones

Students and staff were evacuated from the Clover Hill building on May 9 after a foul odor caught the attention of students, causing the fire department to be called in to investigate.

Due to an “egg-like” smell, the building was evacuated for approximately 20 minutes. After firefighters arrived and discovered no signs of noxious gasses, they announced that the building was safe to enter, and the evacuation ended.

Senior Ronan Winton was worried that many students would be inconvenienced by the timing of the evacuation, particularly because of exam season.

“People just started their AP Lang [Advanced Placement Language and Composition] exam which can be really bad if their scores are invalidated,” Winton said. “They might have to take an alternate test time, they paid money for that and they have been studying for this.”

Winton believes that the evacuation was poorly timed, but still a necessary precaution.

“If you smell rotten eggs, that is usually a sign of carbon monoxide,” Winton said. “I am a bit scared of carbon monoxide, it is a silent killer.”