Clover Hill sports begin conditioning with hope for a proper season


The field hockey team practices and remains hopeful for a normal season next year.

Conditioning has started at the Hill, and student athletes are more ready for the season than ever. 

Since Chesterfield County public schools closed in March 2020, sports have been at a standstill, but this fall has seen the return of both fall and winter sports. 

Athletes can now return to the sports they love but must abide by new rules set by VHSL. Junior Christopher Korth is a football player and remains optimistic about sports. 

“I wish we could do more stuff, but with everyone respecting the guidelines, we’ll hopefully be back to normal soon,” Korth said.  

Football season starting five months later than usual is one of the numerous changes to school sports. Other changes include fewer games being played and a smaller playoff season. 

Junior Jonathan Parker is a lineman for the football team and worries how he will adjust to training in colder weather.

“I think it’s very weird because I’m used to running in the hot weather,” Parker said. 

For most Clover Hill athletes, the most significant change is not the delay in the start time but the rules. 

All athletes and coaches must social distance and wear face masks. Other restrictions include no equipment for some sports and no whistles for any coach. As the season continues, VHSL will reevaluate the guidelines if no cases arise due to school sports.

While practice has the potential to return to normal, games do not. Parker feels that taking away a critical aspect of football, the fans, will make games less fun. 

“No fans or even a limited amount will be weird. Our games are usually packed, but it won’t be like that this year,” Parker said. 

For some Clover Hill athletes, the fun of high school sports is winning, but for Parker, the most important thing in high school level sports has always been the people he met and friendships he made.

“I think the relationships are the most important thing [such as] making lifelong friends with teammates and coaches,” Parker said.

Clover Hill athletes will be adjusting to the new normal this season. The atmosphere for the athletes is different this year, but their intentions and impact are all the same.

The field hockey team remains optimistic for a normal season next year.