The Chronicle’s spirit week awards

On Monday Oct. 3, Clover Hill high school kicked off its spirit week sleepily with pajama day. Cavaliers showed their spirit through onesies, hoodies, slippers, stuffed animals and, of course, pajamas. On Tuesday, students and staff became divided through Soccer Mom vs. Barbeque Dad day. On Wednesday, my personal favorite day, students enjoyed the day off of school. Thursday was Anything but a Backpack day where students could bring any object to carry their belongings around the school as long as they were not backpacks. Lastly, Friday was class color day, where each grade level represented a different school color, with freshmen wearing white, sophomores wearing gold, juniors wearing green and seniors wearing togas. In addition, juniors and seniors attended the powder puff game on Friday.

But we all know what happened last week. The true question is, who dressed the best in each spirit category?

Pajama Day: Nicholas and Samuel Lyall

Nicholas and Samuel in grinch onsies.

Soccer Mom vs. Barbeque Dad: Mary Desimone and JP Conlon

Desimone and Conlon enjoying a refreshing drink and a good dad joke.

Anything but a Backpack: Jonas Clark and Andrew Orndorff

Clark holding a heavy microwave.
Orndorff wearing “not a backpack”.

Class Colors: Ramon Machado

Machado ruling over the competition.