Beta Club cleans up the stadium


Ben Schneider

Seniors Corbin Jensen and Chase Thomas clean up the bleachers.

On Saturday, the Beta Club picked up trash in the Chiller as a service project to clean the stadium and prepare it for the Swift Creek Athletic Association’s football games later that night. 

Participants earned one and a half service hours as they roamed the stadium with trash bags and gloves picking up litter. In addition to the service hours, the club members received donuts and coffee courtesy of the sponsors. 

After removing all the trash, they loaded the bags onto a truck, which took them off campus to dispose of them. 

The clean-up offered students a chance to spend time outside with friends while doing volunteer work that helps others. Senior Owen Cosner feels that it was a fun and fulfilling experience despite picking up trash not being the most enjoyable way to spend a morning,

“Even though we had to get our hands a little dirty, it was fun cleaning up the campus and being able to hang out with friends in the process,” Cosner said. “It always feels good to do something for the community.”