Britney Griner faces nine year sentence from the Russian Government


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Brittney Griner plays for the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA

After a Russian court denied her appeal earlier today, Brittney Griner is set to serve nine years in a Russian prison. 

Griner was originally arrested in February after it was found that she possessed hashish oil on Russian soil. The United States government regarded Griner’s imprisonment as a ‘wrongful detainment’ in May.

Hashish oil, an illegal substance in Russia, is generally used in vape cartridges. Griner pled guilty to the crime in July of this year, arguing that she packed them inadvertently and never intended to use it during her time in Russia. 

The U.S. has attempted to free Griner by proposing a prisoner swap; however, reports say that Russia has not given a legitimate counteroffer, even asking for a prisoner that is not in U.S. possession. It is not known how much longer Griner will be held in a Russian jail before being transferred to a prison, as there is no timetable currently required by law. 

Griner will end up serving eight years in prison, as the Russian government takes into account her eight month detainment.