Accidents at Genito intersection cause concern


Ben Schneider

Cars prepare to turn on to Genito Road from Kelly Green Drive.

Kyra Paulus, Staff Writer

One significant question facing Chesterfield County is whether to improve the intersection of Kelly Green Drive and Genito Road. This intersection near Clover Hill has been a safety problem for both students and staff.

The intersection is the cause of several crashes, including an incident in August of this year, which has led students and staff to believe changes are necessary.

Senior Ava Harmon believes that the intersection is unsafe and in need of improvements.

“I think we don’t need a new intersection, but maybe [it would be better] if we rebuilt it,” Harmon said.

Another issue is the ongoing construction of the Lake on Genito Road. The county is building it to increase revenues and provide the community with the water park, shops and homes that are part of the new development despite concerns that it will lead to more traffic and harm the environment. Harmon takes the side of concern that the Lake will increase traffic on Genito Road and exacerbate the existing problem. 

“It will definitely increase [traffic], especially in the summertime,” Harmon said. 

The intersection of Kelly Green Drive and Genito Road, directly northwest of Clover Hill, routinely backs up before and after school. (Google Maps)

Social studies and economics teacher Jeffrey Milner believes that the intersection on Genito Road is dangerous because of a combination of factors.

“There is traffic coming from both ways, a higher speed limit and a partially or fully obscured view of the coming traffic,” Milner said. “There are also more lanes to cross.” 

Assistant principal Roscoe Johnson believes it is safe for students to walk to and from school. However, he thinks that there are safety concerns at intersections such as the one at Kelly Green Drive and Genito Road that do not have traffic lights.

“Intersections with lights ensure students’ capability to walk across due to the crosswalk signs,” Johnson said. “Intersections without lights can be dangerous due to the fact students have to time it just right.” 

Johnson believes implementing a traffic light or roundabout at the intersection will help keep pedestrians safe.

“As the traffic continues to grow with more cars we will need something to keep our pedestrians safe when crossing over Genito from Kelly Green Drive,” Johnson said. “Having a traffic light or roundabout will be helpful at the intersections.” 

A traffic light and a better walk space are potential options to make the Genito Road intersection safer for students, staff, and other pedestrians and drivers.