Midterm election recap: how Chesterfield voted


Ben Schneider

Republican Rob Wittman (left) won the race in the first congressional district while Democrat Donald McEachin (right) won the fourth district.

The midterm elections took place throughout America on Nov. 8th. Following the election, the votes are counted and the results are finalized. Chesterfield residents voted for their representative in Congress, a member of the county Board of Supervisors and whether to pass a bond referendum.

For the congressional races, this is the first election in which Clover Hill is a part of the first district, after previously being in the seventh. The change was the result of redistricting, and it split Chesterfield into two congressional districts, the first and the fourth. Voters in the first district chose between Republican Rob Wittman, Democrat Herb Jones and Independent David Foster. The race in the fourth district was between Democrat Donald McEachin and Republican Leon Benjamin. The names that voters saw on their ballots were dependent on what part of the county they live in. 

Wittman was elected as the House of Representatives member for Virginia’s first congressional district. He received 56.5 percent of the district’s votes. He has served as a representative for the 1st district since 2007. Wittman is a member of the Republican Study Committee, the House Armed Services Committee and the Committee on Natural Resources. He is also the co-chair of several caucuses. Wittman has also served as a member of Montross town council as well as Mayor of Montross, a Board of Supervisors of Westmoreland County member and House of Delegates member for the 99th district.   

McEachin was elected as the House of Representatives member for Virginia’s fourth congressional district. Mceachin received 64.4 percent of the district’s votes. Mceachin has served as a representative since 2016, he is co-chair of the Congressional Black Caucus’ Energy, Environment and Agriculture task force and vice-chair of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition. He is also a member of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, and the House Committee on Natural Resources, along with a number of other caucuses.. Before serving in congress, Mceachin served as a legislator in Virginia’s General Assembly. 

After a close race that was not decided until days after the election, Democrat Mark Miller was elected Midlothian District Supervisor on the Chesterfield County Board. This is Miller’s first term in public office, in previous years he has worked as a counselor at Bridgeport Community College, a senior clinician at Chesterfield Mental Health, a drug treatment counselor and an English teacher in Pittsburg Public Schools. 

Finally, the Community Facilities Bond Plan passed in Chesterfield County. Over 63,000 people, 76 percent of voters, voted for Chesterfield to move forward in funding $540 million dollars towards community improvements. The Community Facilities Plan is a bond referendum, more specifically a General Obligation Bond. Bond referendums are voted on by citizens to decide whether or not the government can spend money on helping the needs of the community. 

Spending large amounts of money accumulates government debt which is why the decision is up to the residents of that area. In some cases General Obligation Bonds increase taxes; however, the Community Facilities Bond Plan will be financed through existing sources that the county can fund. When the plan goes into action, half a million dollars will be distributed to projects to improve school facilities, public safety facilities, libraries and parks and recreation. Some of the ways the money will be spent include building a new elementary school and a new high school, upgrading several other schools, building new fire and police stations, building a new library and enhancing River City Sportsplex.