Halloween Wrap-Up: Top 15 Treats


Halloween is over. Chocolate and candy are being consumed at a very high rate. As I surveyed my earnings from this year’s treat scavenging, some wrappings and brands caught my eyes more than others. As the oldest of five, the Halloween candy trade has become an annual task in my household. This list does not include my trade aways, but most definitely includes my gains in these rather sketchy transactions. The proceeding list is a ranking of my top-15 Halloween treats, candies, and chocolate bars.  

  1. Mr. Goodbar

I feel that the Mr. Goodbar is easily recognizable, due to the yellow and red colored packaging; however, the overall bar is rather basic. It combines the enjoyable mixture of peanut butter and chocolate. However, in its appearance, flavor, and appeal, it is just standard. There is a reason that the Mr. Goodbar is found in those basic grocery store Halloween candy bags. However, it does creep into my top-15 because of my love of peanut butter and chocolate together.


  1. Crunch

The Crunch bar actually does have a unique ingredient. Interestingly enough, crisped rice is what adds that special “crunch” to the bar. The rice is covered in real milk chocolate forming a solid rectangular shape. While the interesting addition of rice to the bar is very peculiar and intriguing to me, due to only the bland taste and flavor, Crunch falls out of the top-ten on my board. 


  1. Hundred Grand 

Like Crunch, Hundred Grand is different in the fact that rice is one of its components. A One Hundred Grand Bar is advertised as a unique twist of chewy caramel, rich milk chocolate, and crispy rice. The outer shell of this chocolate is harder than most, once again due to the rice; however, the taste actually lasts, which is something I prefer. Hundred Grand, like Crunch, is only an average overall chocolate bar, but I do prefer this one compared to the rather similar Crunch bar.  


  1. Butterfinger

Personally, I am a sucker for the duo combination of peanut butter and chocolate. It just works perfectly together. This bar really is “one of kind”, in regards to the taste, texture, and overall structure of the bar. When you peruse the website, the phrase “crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery” crosses your eyes. The crunchiness and crispness really make this treat worthwhile; however, I have had previous bad experiences with Butterfingers in regards to structural integrity. With that in mind, Butterfingers falls to twelfth. 


  1. Nerds

Weird! I think not. Nerds provide a pop that I just seem to not get enough of when I consume these small, tinsie treats. While they do not bring that same boom that Pop Rocks do in your mouth, they still provide a nice slight tanginess that is truly enjoyable. The multitude of flavors also increases the candy’s ranking in my opinion. The many flavors and bright colors have to only improve the candy’s ranking, as they just increase the fun aspect of Nerds.  


  1. Milky Way

Since 1923, when the Milky Way was invented, more and more caramel has been added to the bar. Today, the Milky Way has a thick, gooey, stringy, caramel filling. This caramel ingredient is becoming more popular in candy today for the very purpose of adding a delicious flavor. While the Milky Way is a solid chocolate bar with some caramel, that is all it is. With no real extra push or unique ingredient, the Milky can only be as high as number ten on my list.


  1. Kit Kat

The chocolate-covered wafer, just like the iconic Hershey’s milk chocolate bar, is again another original staple of American chocolate. It is really hard not to like this chocolate bar, unless you are not a fan of the physical wafer. In my opinion, the wafer actually adds a nice texture and flavor to the Kit Kat that not a lot of other bars have.  


  1. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate

When we talk about classics or like the standard, this is what goes straight to my head. Its nickname is legit “The Great American Chocolate Bar”, and for good reason too. First sold in 1900, the Hershey’s milk chocolate bar has just been a staple of American candy for now over an entire century! The fact that this seemingly ancient candy bar has stood the test of time is very incredible and continues to be the example for candy makers around the world. 


  1. Reese’s Pieces 

From the autumn-themed colors of the pieces to the peanut bite-sized spheroids, this Reese’s candy bops! The smooth peanut butter covered in a crunchy candy shell makes this small bite-sized candy what it is. While all the colors do have the same flavor, that peanut butter flavor is one of my favorite things in the candy world. However, the M&M vibe of this treat does drop it down in this list.  


  1. Peanut M&M’s 

I am not a huge M&M’s guy; however, peanut M&M’s are a game changer for me, as they place sixth on my favorite halloween candy. The roasted peanuts dunked in the classic milk chocolate blend, trademarked by the M&M brand, puts this candy over the top. I really like the phrase that Peanut M&M’s have written in the description of this product saying, “A little nutty, a lot tasty, and always full of fun.” 


  1. Almond Joy/Mounds

Easily the most underrated candy bar and it is not even close! Recently, the Almond Joy is seeing an increase in popularity, which is probably due to its uniqueness among other candy bars. The fact that coconuts are incorporated into a chocolate bar is really different from the normal peanuts and chocolate duo, which I believe adds to the lovability of this candy. Then of course, the hard shelled crunch of the actual almond gives a nice extra nutty flavor that contrasts well with the soft coconut.      


  1. Twix

Twix is marketed as a caramel shortbread chocolate bar, consisting of a biscuit applied to the bar. While the combination of caramel and chocolate produces a great blend of flavors (for obvious reasons!), its texture pushes this snack into the top-five. Interesting enough, the texture of this bar is actually surprisingly one of my favorite things in this treat. The biscuit brings a cookie-like taste to the chocolate, which again makes it more unique comparatively. 


  1. Snickers

When they say that “Snickers satisfies”, they are not lying. Invented in 1930, Snickers are packed with peanuts, caramel, and nougat, all wrapped and coated in milk chocolate creating this deviously delectable candy. When you crack this bar open, the layers that are unveiled, show the brilliance of this tiny, little treat, which is why it ranks so highly on this list.   


  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Honestly, people with peanut allergies have it rough. Reese’s has created a food masterpiece with this OG mixture of chocolate and peanut butter that creates a great tasting treat for all occasions. Although the taste is fabulous, the simple yet unique design of the cup also makes this snack visually pleasing, which improves its grading on the scale and causes it to be in the top three!


  1. Hershey’s Cookies and Cream 

While this might be a more under-the-radar and unpopular pick for number one, it is easily my favorite chocolate bar of all-time. The combination of crunchy chocolate cookies and the smooth white creme, form a perfect taste that although is rather strong, is utterly scrumptious. For readers who have not tried this delicious item, put it right at number one on the food bucket list because this bar hits in all the right places!